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Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha (Gen α) is still in its infancy in the truest sense of the word.


The Generation Alpha, these are the children who were born from 2010. It is considered the successor generation to Generation Z. The range of Gen α will last until around 2022-2025. After Generation Alpha, Generation Beta (Gen β) will follow (born from around 2022-2025).

Many scientists, including the Institute for Generation Research, assume that the generation span will become shorter and shorter overall. An important reason for this is the ever-increasing influence of technology. Technical developments are growing exponentially, innovations are coming onto the market ever faster, and the complexity behind and in the technology is increasing extremely. The resulting and necessary digitalization in all areas of life is therefore another defining factor for Generation Alpha. The rapidly increasing pace of development in digitalization will definitely shape the cohorts and generations more profoundly – as can already be seen with Generation Z and even now with Generation Alpha.

Many children of Gen α have already mastered “swiping” on the tablet (Swipe), before they can even speak their first words. The strong technological framework will soon begin to significantly influence the formative period of Generation Alpha. Living with artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots, 3D printing, autonomous driving, and deep learning will quickly become the norm for Generation Alpha as early adopters. Generation Alpha will navigate the digital jungle and adapt to its rapid pace like no generation before them. The analog world can therefore become a kind of “side product” for Generation Alpha.

New book release on Generation Alpha by Rüdiger Maas:

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Generation unable to live - How our children are deprived of their future (

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Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha specialist book by Rüdiger Maas
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