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Generation Z (Gen Z)

According to the definition, Generation Z includes those born between 1995 and 2009. Many young people from Generation Z are already on the job market and are surprising with their new demands. The majority will come in the next few years as soon as the training and student years are over. What is most important to them is close ties to family and friends and maximizing experiences.
Generation Z values
Career orientation is low among Generation Z. Generation Z has the smallest generation membership size since World War II.

By the way, Generation Z, briefly known as Gen Z or Zoomers, is also called Generation Greta, Generation Zombie, Generation Snowflake, Generation Apprentice, or Digital Natives 2.0.

Our research Focus 2017/2018
Generation Z (Gen Z)

In 2017/2018, we primarily focused our generational research on Generation Z (Gen Z). The background was the enormous demand from many clients regarding Generation Z; but also our own interest in Gen Z.
Through our Generation Thinking studies, we have been able to efficiently gain highly interesting insights into Generation Z so far. Especially in comparative distinction to Generation Y and Generation X.
Thanks to our Generation Z studies on both national and international levels, we now possess unparalleled data and thus have gained enormous valid knowledge about Generation Z (Gen Z).

Our studies on Generation Z

  • CO2 emissions of Generation Z (GenZ)

  • Increase in depression and reduction in coping strategies of members of Generation Z (GenZ)

  • Contradictions and incommensurability within Generation Z

  • Political behavior of Generation Z

  • Generational conflict: OK Boomer versus GenZ

  • The Neo-conventionalism of Generation Z


Our studies on Generation Z
in 2020

Generation Z will be with us for a while. Further research that we will undertake in 2020 regarding Generation Z (Gen Z) includes:

  • The break within Generation Z

  • The On-Offline Fatigue Phenomenon of Generation Z

  • The nomophobia of Generation Z

Gen Z Buch, Wissen über Generation Z

We incorporate the valuable study results into our books about Generation Z:

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