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Generation Corona

The Institute for Generation Research is the only institute in Germany that carries out nationwide Corona studies on a weekly basis.

A race against time

Generation Corona

Corona studies by the Institute for Generation Research

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, the Institute for Generational Research has been collecting weekly nationwide data on the latest trends, movements and attitudes of the respective people, their groups and generations. In addition to the cohort comparison, interaction effects and potential effects of the Corona measures on society are analyzed.


You can find excerpts from our Corona studies here media:

​and in our current book: “What does Bill Gates have to do with Corona?

Also see a television interview: Conspiracy and Corona

In our weekly data collection on the Corona generation, the number of participants in the Corona studies fluctuates between 1,200 and 3,500 participants. This unique data collection forms the basis for much further research.

Generation Corona

The COVID-19 Studies Team

Every week we collect new nationwide data for you and carry out studies on how people dealt with the lockdown and how they deal with the corona pandemic overall and what we learn from it: Generation Corona

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New book publication on the Corona studies

Rüdiger Maas

What does Bill Gates have to do with Corona?

A book about the emergence of conspiracy theories and how to deal with them

In the bookstore or here asAudiobook:

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