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Generation Alpha

With Generation Alpha (Gen Alpha or Gen α) an entirely new group of individuals is coming into the focus for the latest generational research.
Gen Alpha Definition
The Gen Alpha includes children born from 2010 and will be born approximately by 2022-2025. Generation Alpha is the first generation to grow up entirely in the 21st century.

Generation Alpha: Oversaturation; Happy children?

Generation Alpha: characteristics and qualities
Generation Alpha is the most formally educated generation, grows up with the latest technology and is the wealthiest generation that has ever existed in Germany.
Generation Alpha can no longer imagine a world without social media, Google Maps or Netflix. Your data trail on the Internet sometimes begins before you are born. 

Generation Alpha book with characteristics, characteristics and values of Gen Alpha. The new generation of trainees

Generation Alpha will have the most people over 100 years old: it is estimated that one in three GenAlpha children will break the 100-year-old mark.


Perhaps the first human to set foot on Mars will be a member of this GenAlpha.

  • The parents of Generation Alpha are mostly members of Generation Y (born around 1980-1994)

  • On average, the Alphas have more siblings than their previous generation, the members of Generation Z (birth cohorts approx. 1995-2010)

  • Every eleventh child has a mother who is over 40 years old

Gen Alpha and Gen Y: Digital Natives I and Digital Natives III

What do we already know about Generation Alpha – Gen Alpha for short

Our Generation Alpha children's study is to date the largest study on Generation Alpha in the Federal Republic of Germany and received widespread media coverage.

In our long-term study, we surveyed 1,231 educators about the children they looked after between the ages of six months and 10 years. Furthermore, data was collected from over 600 parents regarding parenting methods and assessments of their Generation Alpha children. In total, over 22,000 children were assessed by parents and educators. This study is therefore the most comprehensive Research study on Generation Alpha.


Generation Alpha study. The first and largest study about Generation Alpha in German-speaking countries

New book release and bestseller for Generation Alpha –
How our children are deprived of their future

Emma is only four years old, but her online data trail goes back much further. Her parents immediately shared her first ultrasound picture on Instagram. The stroller cost 2000 euros. Museums, the zoo, children's theater, early English lessons, and karate classes - all these are experiences Emma is expected to have had by the age of four. Instead of educating their child, parents shower them with love, gifts and optimizations. Educators report that many children today are becoming potty trained later, only speak in two-word sentences, or cannot dress themselves. Young people have long been spending four to six hours a day on their cell phones and are slipping into the parallel world of the Internet. In the real world, however, they struggle with separating from their parents, failing to achieve independence, leading to situations where parents are even present during job interviews or in university lecture halls. The study results by Rüdiger Maas are shocking: The next generation is significantly less independent and productive, and more and more children are suffering from anxiety disorders and depression. The generational researcher, psychologist, and father of two analyzes with razor-sharp precision the plight of our children and outlines a future scenario that gives great cause for concern. He combines in-depth specialist knowledge and extensive research of his own with authentic examples from everyday life.

Generation Alpha: Ordered by Rüdiger Maas, generation unable to live with study results from the largest Generation Alpha study

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Generational thinking

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