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Baby boomer generation

The baby boomer generation (also baby boomers or boomers) includes those born between 1950 and 1964, as its members were born at a time when birth rates were rising sharply after the Second World War. She is the first generation to learn about the advantages of mass production of goods such as cars and refrigerators during the economic miracle. Its influence is primarily due to economic growth and rapidly improving living conditions.

The last representatives of the baby boomer generation will be leaving the labor market in the coming yearsus to retire – some are already retired.

Best agers and baby boomers

The baby boomers are now among the best agers. From a marketing perspective, it is the age cohort of people who are 50 to 70 years old and who, on average, have a relatively high level of wealth. Best agers feel neglected and even ignored by marketing. Hartwin Maas published the specialist book on this topic: Best Ager Marketing.  How to understand and reach the 50+ target group. The Best Ager book makes an important contribution to...Age Diversity or age diversity. Ageism and age discrimination, femininity beyond 50, individual images of aging, digitalization and four-generation shoppers are discussed.

About the demands and sensibilities of Generation Z and the disillusionment of the baby boomerswrites Harald Martenstein (Journalist, author and member of the baby boomer generation about our study in Die Zeit.


The Grandparents Magazine interviewed the generation researcher Rüdiger Maas about the Generational conflict

Best-Ager Marketing by Hartwin Maas: wealthy baby boomers
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